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Universal On The Road!

Some of our favorite things to do is interact with our customers, and some of the best ways to do that is at conventions and trade shows and other events! This year we have participated in three events so far and have met some amazing people! January we held our first booth at the Northern Green Show in St Paul Minnesota. With over ten thousand attendees it was incredible and awesome to see just how vast our industry touches. Everything from construction and manufacturing to agriculture and landscape, trenchers and ditch work to snow removal and land development, and so much more. Not only was Northern Green a first for us but so were the other two events! February found us at the Central Minnesota Farm Show and March was the Midwest Farm and Power Show! These were great opportunities to connect with our local farmers! We got to see some awesome machines, tractors and combines bigger than a house, new age technology like drones the size of a dirt bike flying over farmers fields like the old crop dusters, and environmentally friendly resources that are changing the game in agriculture. Solar and wind power, remote control and drone tractors, electric vehicles, technology is truly amazing, but with all the new advancements we have made in the last decade one thing still remains strong. Diesel. And that’s our bread and butter. In the harsh winters of Minnesota with temperatures that can stay a constant negative for weeks at a time, diesel is your solution. Being able to show off our new line of Cummins powered Hyundai Construction Equipment and Cummins powered Autocar Truck Chassis, we had great reception from our local farm communities. Autocar, having been around since before World War 2, has proven to maintain its powerhouse status of a leading American made truck while Hyundai has been a welcome addition in the North American world of construction equipment. Bringing incredibly competitive prices and an industry leading 3 year warranty, Hyundai has definitely made a splash here in Minnesota and here with Universal Truck. Below are some videos at our fun adventures and we look forward to doing more! Follow our Facebook pages to see what is up and coming on our events list!