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Founded in 2001, Universal Truck Service was built on the belief that great service and quality are not a thing of the past. Universal Truck Service is a family owned and operated business, today three generations working together to bring our customers great service. 

Universal Truck Service started with one goal – to serve the trucking industry and be a one-stop-shop for owner operators, offering a multitude of services and repair all types of semi trucks. UTS first opened its doors in a yellow, small shop with just two service bays, nestled on 1st street in New Brighton. From the moment we welcomed our first customer, we were dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Word of our dedication spread, and as a result, our customer base steadily grew. 

With each passing year, Universal Truck Service began to grow. While UTS maintained its presence on 1st Street, we relocated a few buildings down in 2004, securing a larger facility with an expanded number of service bays. We invested in our team, bringing on skilled technicians who shared our passion for quality workmanship. After a decade in New Brighton, Universal Truck Service outgrew the second building.

In 2015, Universal Truck Service made a momentous move to Roseville, spanning a distance of three miles from our original location. This new facility represented a significant leap forward, boasting an impressive array of enhancements, including a remarkable increase in service bays to a total of 14, a generously sized parts department, warehouse, and more. During this transformative period, our service department thrived and expanded its scope, encompassing comprehensive repair services not only for semi-trucks but also for semi-trailers and tank trailers, commonly referred to as tankers. 

Recognizing an opportunity to fully embody our motto of “one-stop-shop”, we seized the chance to establish Universal Truck Sales in 2017. This venture marked the beginning of the UTS dealership, where we exclusively sold semi-truck and box trucks. Today, Universal Truck Sales has followed in the footsteps of Universal Truck Service. Where the sales department sells anything ranging from semi-trucks, box trucks, dry van trailers, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, side-dump trailers, construction equipment, and more. Universal Truck Sales is an authorized dealer for the following companies: Autocar, Demco, Hyundai Construction Equipment, and Vanguard/CIMC Trailers. 

The 2022 year presented an exciting development: the trailer and tanker division of UTS had grown and required a facility of its own. We embarked on a search for a second location, and serendipitously, it led us back to our origins on 1st Street. The UTS Trailer and Tanker Division found its new location on 5th Avenue, just a block away from where the UTS journey first began. Looking to the future, we remain resolute in our pursuit of being a one-stop-shop for our customers and providing comprehensive solutions to the evolving needs of the trucking industry. As well as always striving to display the belief that started it all – that great service and quality are not a thing of the past. With gratitude for the continued trust of our customers and the dedication of our remarkable team, we confidently embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.